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Coffman Brothers Rental And Leasing

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Coffman Rentals
Coffman Rentals
Coffman Rentals
Coffman Rentals
               PASSENGER VAN                       COMMERCIAL VEHICLES  
    Mileage Additional            VAN TRUCK With 22' Body & Liftgate
Term Fixed Rate Included Mileage     Term Fixed Rate    
FULL SIZE 8 Passenger         Daily $85.00 Plus $0.40 Per Mile  
Daily $65.00 100 Miles $0.20     Weekly $510.00 Plus $0.40 Per Mile  
Weekly $390.00 600 Miles $0.20              
    Mileage Additional              
Term Fixed Rate Included Mileage     Term Fixed Rate    
Daily $50.00 25 Miles $0.25     Daily $115.00 Plus $0.13 Per Mile  
Weekly $300.00 150 Miles $0.25     Weekly $575.00 Plus $0.13 Per Mile  
*4-Hour $30.00 25 Miles $0.25              
*4-Hour rate available Fridays (8am to noon & 1pm to 5pm)   Daily $135.00 Plus $0.13 Per Mile  
            Saturday (8am to noon)       Weekly $675.00 Plus $0.13 Per Mile  
       Based on availability-No Advance reservations.            
               VAN TRUCKS         SPOTTER TRACTORS  
  12' Body 14' Body 16' Body 20-22' Body              OTTAWA 4X2    
Term Fixed Rate         Term Fixed Rate    
*Daily $60.00 $65.00 $70.00 $75.00   Daily $140.00 Plus $4.00 Per Hour & Delivery
*Weekly $360.00 $390.00 $420.00 $450.00   Weekly $660.00 Plus $4.00 Per Hour & Delivery
*Daily Rate Include 25 Miles and Additional Miles at $0.40            
*Weekly Rate Include 150 Miles & Additional Miles at $0.40     STORAGE TRAILERS  
APPLIANCE DOLLY With Truck Rental: $10.00 Per Day   Monthly $100.00      
        RENTAL TERMS        
Customer insurance is primary.                
The above rates do not include fuel. Vehicle is full at start of rental & must be returned full.    
Must have an open account with Coffman Truck Sales, Inc. or major credit card with a minimum of $250.00
of available credit.    
Discounted rates are available for long term rentals.    
Rental department is open Monday though Friday from 8am to 5:00pm.  Saturday 8am to noon.    
To reserve vehicles for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, a deposit must be received by 5:00 P/M on the Wednesday prior.
A $50.00 charge will be imposed unless canceled before 12:00 noon, the day before the scheduled reservation.
C.D.W. Means "Collision Damage Waiver". Applies only in collision with another vehicle.    
C.D.W. for passenger vehicles is $9.00 per day; Customer's deductible responsibility $0.00.     
C.D.W. for trucks is $10.00 per day; Customer's deductible responsibility $0.00.     
Without the collision damage waiver, the customer is responsible for first $1,000.00 of the deductible from from  
their insurance for any physical damage the unit is returned with.    
  Coffman is located on Route 31 (Lake St.) 1/2 Miles North of Route 30 Bypass    
Rates Effective April/23/2016 Rates Are Subject to Change Without Notice   Rev: 042316
Coffman Truck Sales