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Used 2009 Isuzu in Aurora, IL

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Vehicle Details

Mileage 193,754
Stock # 6256
VIN 4GTJ7F1B49F700146
Exterior Color White
Interior Color
Gas Mileage
Drivetrain 4X2

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2009 Isuzu

Used 2009 Isuzu

Mileage: 193,754



7.8L Diesel, 215-hp, Exhaust Brake, Allison Automatic, Dual 50 Gal Tanks, AC, Air Driver Seat, 2-Person Passenger Seating, Heated mirrors, 26' FRP Van, 97" ISH, 96" Width, Roll Up Door, Translucent Roof, Tie Slates, Tuck Under Lift Gate w/39-1/2 X 72" Platform, 11R/22.5 Tires, 50%, 25,950# GVW,...
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Testimonials Review

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Long time partner/vendor for parts. Parts and service guys always answer tricky questions or use various resources to find an answer. Happy to work with Coffman team

CarGurus Review

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The dealer was great. Very helpful and took time to explain things. Although they didn't really move from their initial asking price I still feel they tried their best to make the deal happen. I didnt feel pressured and genuinely felt like they wanted to help. I did not purchase because they could not get the price to where I needed it.

Isuzu Commercial Vehicle: Survey of Service

Plainfield, IL
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Google+ Review

James Shetler
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

By far had the best car buying experience here. Test drove and bought a Chevy Silverado 2011, and the salesman Allan was not pushy in anyway shape or form. He was the most easy going salesman and only answered questions about the truck when they were asked. I would recommend Coffman GMC and recommend you get Allan as your salesman. I will definitely be back when it comes time to purchase a new truck.

Website Review

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The internet sales director was quick to respond to our inquiry. He sent us all the pictures we requested. We drove almost 7 hours to test drive, the vehicle was exactly as described, and was ready to go. All in all it took less then an hour and we were headed home with our dream vehicle. We highly recommend this dealer.

Sales Mystery Shop - Phone Inquiry

Shop Score 100%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The call was transferred quickly to sales, and Allan picked up the phone. He introduced himself and department. His greeting was professional and enthusiastic. During the call, Allan gave me his complete and undivided attention. He asked for and addressed me by name. Allan told me about the Yukon by GMC. He told me the seating capacity along with the cargo space. He explained it also could be equipped as the Denali model with luxury amenities. Allan asked if I could stop in today for a test drive. He also told me the hours the dealership were open that Friday and Saturday. At the call's end he thanked me for calling and told me to have a nice holiday. I found Allan to be very polite and helpful. I could find no opportunity for improvement during.

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Certified Service Mystery Shop - Phone Inquiry

Shop Score 96.3%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Mike answered the phone in a cordial and upbeat manner. He sounded enthusiastic and very helpful. Mike gave me his undivided attention and did not interrupt me. He asked for my last name, but never used my name in the conversation. He did not ask me for any contact information. Mike asked me what date I wanted to come in. I gave him a date and he was very helpful in making my appointment for the date I requested. He then asked me if a certain time was OK and I confirmed that it was. He was quick, but efficient in making this appointment. Mike repeated my appointment date and time to make sure I understood when it was. He thanked me for calling and said he would see me then. I liked that Mike was friendly, quick and efficient in making this appointment. Mike never asked me for my first name so was not able to use it during our conversation.

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Sales Mystery Shop - Phone Inquiry

Shop Score 100%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The sales associate answered the phone call in a clear and enthusiastic tone. The sales associate spoke in a clear and professional tone and it was easy to understand the sales associate during our interaction. The sales associate asked me for my name and addressed me by my name during our interaction. I called to the dealership and spoke to the sales associate and he suggested the GMC Terrain. He told me that the Terrain would get me 22MPG in the city and 32MPG on the highway. The sales associate asked me if I was able to come in to test drive the vehicle. I told the sales associate that I was not able to make it to the dealership that day. He then told me to call him if I had anymore questions or when I was ready to visit the dealership. The sales associate then thanked me for calling the dealership and we ended our interaction. I liked that the sales associate suggested a vehicle for me. There were no rebates or incentives about the vehicle mentioned.

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Sales Mystery Shop: Phone & In-Dealer

Shop Score 95.7%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The manager greeted me and asked how he could help me. He told me he would call one of his sales associates over to help me. Jason was very engaging, as he smiled broadly and made good eye contact. He showed great enthusiasm in greeting me. His clothes were clean, but they seemed to be unprofessional and casual. Jason asked me personal questions in a way that conveyed real interest. He was very friendly, outgoing, and personable. He smiled and made consistent eye contact throughout the interaction. Jason did ask me what other vehicles I had already looked at. He asked appropriate questions to determine how I planned to use the vehicle and what was important to me in terms of features. I felt like he was paying very close attention to everything I was saying. Jason told me the differences between the different trim levels. He highlighted about a dozen different features of the vehicle, as we looked at it. He answered any specific questions I asked him. Jason brought up the convenience of their service department. Pricing was described, but he did not bring up financing or leasing in the conversation. He spoke to me in very clear terms. Jason was very engaging, and he seemed honest and transparent. He projected a positive, energetic attitude. Jason asked if I wanted to drive the vehicle. I declined, but we both got inside more than one model. I told Jason I would need to think about it a little bit, and discuss the numbers with my spouse. He was very accepting of my decision. He printed out a vehicle build-sheet, and he went over the starting and ending numbers with me. Jason did provide me with a business card. He also enthusiastically encouraged me to contact him with any questions. Before I left, Jason asked if there was anything else he could do for me. He also thanked me sincerely for coming in, and said he looked forward to helping me again. The signage was very clear, including several signs, and even arrows on the ground showing the way. The building itself had more of an industrial appearance, but it was still attractive. The showroom seemed a bit small, but it was very clean and attractive. The offices were neat and professional. Both the manager and the sales associate seemed eager to serve me. I felt like my business was important to them. I feel like my business was very important to Jason, and that he would work hard to assist me. He helped me to find the vehicle I needed. I liked that Jason was very adept in explaining the pricing information for the vehicle. Jason's attire was a bit casual for the dealership.

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Isuzu Commercial Vehicle: Survey of Service

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Sales Mystery Shop: Phone & In-Dealer

Shop Score 97.0%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

My call was answered immediately by Andrew who thanked me for calling and offered assistance. I told him that I was interested in a new GMC SUV or crossover and he offered assistance in an enthusiastic manner. Andrew immediately asked me for my contact information, and he began to address me by name throughout our conversation. He gave me his complete attention and was courteous. Andrew immediately asked for my contact information, but not my email address. He then began to ask questions to help me choose the right vehicle for my needs. He asked me if I like to travel and if I carried a lot of possessions with me in my current vehicle. I asked about the cargo space and how it was affected by folding the seats down. Andrew gave me a demonstration in each SUV by folding the seats down and showing me the added space. Andrew asked when I wanted to come in and set an appointment with me. He thanked me sincerely for calling and wished me well. I entered the showroom and was immediately greeted by Andrew. He thanked me for coming in and also said that he had a few SUV's lined up for me to look at. He invited me to his office space to discuss the vehicles. Andrew was professional both in manner and in appearance. He was well-groomed and well dressed. He smiled as he shook my hand and welcomed me to the dealership in a genuine way. Andrew impressed me as a genuinely nice person who really wanted to help me find the right vehicle. He was courteous and professional throughout our meeting. Andrew asked me if I liked to travel and I said I needed lots of cargo space. He asked me what I normally put in the cargo area, and he gave me his full attention. Andrew mentioned the warranties, Bluetooth connect and the backup camera. He also mentioned buyer incentives, along with special financing that was available. Andrew mentioned the leather interior upgrade and said it would be comfortable and easy to take care of. Andrew provided me with a tour of the dealer showroom, lounge area and service center. He discussed loaner vehicles, but did not discuss leasing options or financing. From the moment I met Andrew, he impressed me as genuine and honest. I felt he was focused on helping me find the right vehicle for my needs. He have me his complete attention and presented two vehicle choices he thought would be ideal for me. He then provided a tour of the dealership and facilities. He seemed proud of his place of employment and like he enjoyed his job. Andrew was thorough in demonstrating the cargo space in each of the two vehicles he chose for me to view. He also invited me to take a test drive, but I declined. He got into each vehicle and folded down the seats to reveal additional space. Andrew did not ask for the sale directly. Instead he said that we would discuss financing options at a later time. He maintained a positive attitude throughout my visit. He provided me with a brochure on the Acadia and his business card, and said that he hoped to hear from me soon. Andrew asked me for my name and phone number during our phone conversation, but he did not ask permission to keep in touch. He provided me with his business card after I requested it. I was impressed that Andrew had vehicles waiting for me to view when I arrived for our meeting. He was not distracted, and was focused on me and my needs as a customer. Andrew was sincere and polite, and invited me to contact him with any questions. The dealership was large and all directional signs were functional. There was ample customer parking and the grounds were neat and clean. The building was very attractive and appeared new. The windows shined. The interior was very clean and modern, with a small waiting room consisting of chairs and a big screen TV, along with a kids area. A coffee bar was nearby. Everything was clean and modern, including the service department. There were a few employees present, both in the sales and service departments, and they were friendly but busy. Everyone smiled and acknowledged me. My experience was smooth and hassle-free. The dealership was modern and attractive in design, and the staff was busy but everyone seemed friendly. I was treated very well by Andrew, and he gave a thorough presentation of the vehicles he was recommending. I would probably go back to this dealership to look for a car in the future, and would be likely to tell friends about my good experience. I was able to view a few very nice vehicles with a helpful salesperson in a shiny new showroom. The lounge could use work stations for customers whose cars are being serviced.

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Isuzu Commercial Vehicle: Survey of Service

Naperville, IL
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Certified Service Mystery Shop - Phone Inquiry

Shop Score 100%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Dan was enthusiastic and kind when he answered my call. He definitely sounded engaging. Dan was focused and attentive. He spoke clearly. My contact information was not requested, though he did request my name. Dan offered me a date and time that worked for me. I accepted his offer and he scheduled me efficiently. He explained what the service included and told me about the inspection that would be performed. I felt remarkably appreciated. Dan had such a calm and pleasant demeanor and a reassuring way of speaking. Dan was extraordinary. He made the process of scheduling easy and hassle-free. I would eagerly work with him again. This was a great call; I don't have any suggestions for improvement.

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Isuzu Commercial Truck: Survey of Service

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Sales Mystery Shop: Phone & In-Dealer

Shop Score 94.0%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

After my call was transferred, Andrew picked up the phone and told me I had reached the sales department. I introduced myself to Andrew and told him that I was looking for information on a new vehicle. Andrew said that he would be glad to help me out and he spoke in an upbeat and engaging tone. He seemed interested in helping me find a great vehicle and was very enthusiastic about helping me in my search. Andrew was very polite and professional during our conversation. After introducing himself on the phone, he asked how he could help me today. I told Andrew that I was interested in obtaining information on a new vehicle for my family. Andrew asked me if there was any specific features that I was looking for in a new vehicle: color preference, cloth or leather seats, and power windows and doors. I told Andrew that we did not have a color preference, but I said that we were looking for a vehicle with cloth seats and power windows and doors. Andrew listened to my needs and he spoke in a clear and concise manner during our conversation. Andrew asked if he could place me on hold for a minute while he went to go get his inventory book so he could tell me about what was on the lot. He returned to the phone a minute later and thanked me for holding. Andrew recommended that I look at a Crew Cab SLE model, as it was roomy and had many safety features. Andrew told me that they had a few of these vehicles in stock. He told me that one of these vehicles was a demo unit and that was currently being used as a loaner vehicle and offered some additional savings in terms of pricing. He also told me that many of the vehicles currently had rebates on them as well that would help for the pricing. Andrew told me that he did not want to offer me a sales pitch, but that he was going to do the best possible job to earn my business. He told me the dealership's hours. I told Andrew that I would be interested in coming to see the vehicle soon. He told me that would be great, and that I should ask for him when I arrived at the dealership. Andrew then thanked me for calling and told me to have a good afternoon. I was greeted right away when I entered the dealership as one of the sales associates held the door open for me when I arrived. Andrew came right out to greet me when I walked in the door. Andrew greeted me with a smile and thanked me for coming into the dealership today. He offered me a handshake. He told me to come back to his office so we could chat. He was polite and professional during our initial greeting. Andrew made sure to repeat the information that I had told him. He asked what I did for a living and he asked if I lived in the area. Andrew asked if I had any type of preferences for my new vehicle. I told him I would prefer a vehicle with cloth seats and one that could tow. He asked if there was a weight requirement to tow. I then told Andrew that we would like a vehicle that could hold other passengers in the back, so he suggested that we look at a truck with a crew cab with a longer truck bed. He did not rush my interaction and he really took the time to determine what my needs were in a new vehicle. Andrew told me that there was a GMC Sierra SLE available in the showroom for me to take a look at today. He told me that the SLE package would offer some nicer features, such as Bluetooth, power windows and doors, and a back up camera. He mentioned that there were rebates available on that particular model. He then said that some vehicles also had an option for heated cloth seats that would come in handy for the winter time. He pointed out the LED lights in the bed of the truck that help with night driving. Andrew was very positive and upbeat as he spoke to me about the vehicle. He seemed very enthusiastic about all of its features. Andrew told me that they did offer different options for servicing the vehicle. He told me that they offered loaner vehicles that could be used while my vehicle was being repaired, and that he would be able to send a car out to pick me up if necessary. He told me that if I was to purchase the vehicle, I would qualify for some different types of pricing depending on the rebates and if I had a vehicle to trade in. He did not mention the options for leasing a vehicle. Andrew mentioned several times during our conversation that Coffman Truck Sales was a family- owned business and that they took pride in treating their customers well. He seemed genuinely interested in helping me find the right vehicle for my family and he wanted to earn my business as a lifelong customer. After showing me the GMC Sierra in the showroom, he offered to show me another vehicle that did not have as many of the upgrades as the one in the showroom. Andrew asked if I would like to test drive the vehicle, but I declined. Andrew gave me a printed price sheet for the GMC Sierra as well as other vehicles that offered different pricing and packaging options. He told me to take a look at those and determine which vehicle was right for my family. Andrew then pointed out the pricing on the vehicle and how the price changed wether or not the rebates were included. Andrew handed me the pricing sheets with his business card already stapled to the top. He told me to contact him when I was ready to make a purchase. Andrew asked if I had any other questions or if there was anything he could do for me before I left. He thanked me for coming in and offered me a handshake. The exterior of the dealership was exceptional. I could see the dealership's signs from down the road and the building's exterior was clean and attractive to customers. When I pulled in the dealership, plenty of parking was available and there were signs showing the different areas of the dealership. The interior of the dealership was well-laid out and did not seem too cluttered with vehicles. It was very easy to move around in. There were several footprint marks all over the floor from the salt and snow, but they did have mops from the parts department placed next to the door for cleanup. There was a cafe in the back, and I noticed other customers taking advantage of the big screen TV in the lounge area. The coloring books and colored pencils on the table offered entertainment for small children. I was impressed that they had something to offer for a wide variety of customers. The dealership staff were all polite and professional. Some greeted me while others offered a smile as they walked by. One staff member held the door open for me as I entered the dealership and another one asked me if I wanted a treat in the cafe area. Everyone seemed to be happy to assist me in any way possible. My overall experience was a great one. Andrew was very knowledgeable on all of the vehicle information and he seemed to want to sell me a vehicle that had all of the features my family needed, without trying to sell me on extra features that I would not use. I felt like I was not being pushed to purchase a vehicle right away. I felt that I would receive the same treatment should I return to purchase a vehicle in the future. From the minute I entered the dealership, I felt very welcome. The staff seemed to be enjoying their jobs, and everyone I encountered was very polite and professional. Andrew was very knowledgeable about the vehicles and answered all of my questions right away. I liked how he emphasized the family- owned business and how they wanted to make my car buying experience with them an exceptional one. I thought that the floors needed to be cleaned up a little.

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Certified Service Shop: Internet & In-Dealership

Shop Score 93.9%
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The website was very easy to navigate. The look was very clean and the colors were appealing. There was a lot of helpful information available right from the home page. It was quick and easy to schedule an appointment. The email was received quickly. It indicated that the appointment date and time I had selected online, were not actually available. The response provided an appointment date and time that I could choose, but it was almost a week later than I had requested. Pricing for the service I had requested was included in the email, and I was thanked. It was easy to see where the Service department was by following the signs. It did not take long to be able to pull my car inside. Dan greeted me quickly, in an enthusiastic manner. He addressed me by name, without asking for my name. His appearance was professional. Dan asked me questions and confirmed my appointment details. He was focused on me, and used my name. He had a very positive attitude and appeared happy to assist me. Dan clearly answered all of my questions and concerns. He explained the inspection, the service to be performed, and the associated cost. He informed me about a service special, he mentioned the Rewards Program, and he escorted me to the lounge. The customer waiting area was very nice, clean, and comfortable. There was a children's area for kids to sit. The service was completed in less time than I was quoted. I felt the process was quick and my time was valued. Dan came to get me in the lounge when my vehicle was done. He reviewed the work that had been done and gave me the inspection form to take with me. I felt he was honest and cared about making sure my needs had been met. Dan made sure I was satisfied with everything that had been done. He asked if there was anything else that he could help me with, and thanked me a very genuine manner. Dan handled the payment process. It was taken care of very quick and conveniently. My vehicle had been parked inside the dealership and was easy to find. It was in the same condition as I had left it in. I enjoyed how quickly Dan contacted me to confirm my appointment. The entire dealership looked very neat and professional. Dan provided outstanding customer service. I would definitely return.

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