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Leasing FAQs

Because you'll get complete freedom from all the responsibilities of ownership. Truck maintenance will always be just a sideline for you. It's our business. We have the facilities and full-time people to do the job. So we'll give you better service.
We'll buy them at fair market prices. You'll convert fixed assets into cash.
It doesn't make any difference how many trucks you now use. Leasing has real advantages if you need one truck or one hundred.
The right truck for your job. We offer a wide selection of equipment including vans, flatbeds, tractors, and trailers.
Yours. We'll paint, letter, or decal the equipment to your specifications.
The Lessee (you) provides the insurance, allowing you to shop for the best rates.
You do. When you lease, you retain the same control over your driver that you now have. You continue to handle driver payroll.
We do all the maintenance. From lube and oil changes to preventative maintenance, repairs, and wash jobs.
Your driver calls us, and we handle the road service from our own garage or from the nearest NationaLease service location. If we are unable to repair the truck and get it back on the road within a reasonable amount of time, we will provide a replacement unit.
As many as you need. Our only requirement is that you bring them back to us to do the routine maintenance.
We will bill you at agreed regular intervals. We will supply all the data on fixed and mileage costs so you will be able to budget and forecast your transportation expenses.
Because we are a part of North America's largest independent leasing organization, we command volume purchasing power for significant discounts. Our costs are substantially lower than stand-alone private fleets, more than enough for us to offer our services at competitive rates that in many cases result in lower cost than ownership.
The term is determined by the type and usage of the equipment you need. The term of the contract protects the investment we have made in the trucks we have purchased for your use. You can terminate the contract at any time by purchasing the trucks from us. A full schedule of equipment depreciation and truck values is part of the contract.
That's up to you. We will work with you to determine what you need and then give you a proposal, including rates and services. Click onto our Request Additional Information link to get started in eliminating the hassles of truck leasing!