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Current Rental Rates


Call 630-897-4291 for more information

               PASSENGER VAN                       COMMERCIAL VEHICLES  
    Mileage Additional            VAN TRUCK With 22' Body & Liftgate
Term Fixed Rate Included Mileage     Term Fixed Rate    
FULL SIZE 8 Passenger         Daily $110.00 Plus $0.45 Per Mile  
Daily $90.00 50 Miles $0.35     Weekly $660.00 Plus $0.45 Per Mile  
Weekly $525.00 300 Miles $0.35              
    Mileage Additional              
Term Fixed Rate Included Mileage     Term Fixed Rate    
Daily $70.00 25 Miles $0.35     Daily $155.00 Plus $0.15 Per Mile  
Weekly $400.00 150 Miles $0.35     Weekly $775.00 Plus $0.15 Per Mile  
*4-Hour $45.00 25 Miles $0.35              
*4-Hour rate available Fridays (8am to noon & 1pm to 5pm)          
            Saturday (8am to noon)              
       Based on availability-No Advance reservations.            
               VAN TRUCKS         SPOTTER TRACTORS  
  12' Body 14' Body 16' Body 20-22' Body     OTTAWA 4X2
Delivery & Return Charges Additional
Term Fixed Rate         Term Fixed Rate    
*Daily $70.00 $80.00 $90.00 $100.00   Daily $165.00 Plus $4.50 Per Hour & Delivery
*Weekly $420.00 $480.00 $540.00 $600.00   Weekly $790.00 Plus $4.50 Per Hour & Delivery
*Daily Rate Include 25 Miles and Additional Miles at $0.45   Long Term Rental (6-18 months)
 $2,825.00 Includes 40 Hours Usage
Then $5.50 Per Hour thereafter 
*Weekly Rate Include 150 Miles & Additional Miles at $0.45     STORAGE TRAILERS  
APPLIANCE DOLLY With Truck Rental: $10.00 Per Day   Monthly $100.00      
        RENTAL TERMS        
Customer insurance is primary.                
The above rates do not include fuel. Vehicle is full at start of rental & must be returned full.    
Must have an open account with Coffman Truck Sales, Inc. or major credit card with a minimum of $500.00
of available credit.    
Discounted rates are available for long term rentals.    
Rental department is open Monday though Friday from 8am to 5pm.  Saturday 8am to noon.    
To reserve vehicles for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, a deposit must be received by 5pm on the Wednesday prior.
A $50.00 charge will be imposed unless canceled before 12 noon, the day before the scheduled reservation.
C.D.W. Means "Collision Damage Waiver." Applies only in collision with another vehicle.    
C.D.W. for passenger vehicles is $9.00 per day; Customer's deductible responsibility $0.00.     
C.D.W. for trucks is $10.00 per day; Customer's deductible responsibility $0.00.     
Without the collision damage waiver, the customer is responsible for first $1,000.00 of the deductible from from  
their insurance for any physical damage the unit is returned with.    
  Coffman is located on Route 31 (Lake St.) 1/2 Miles North of Route 30 Bypass    
Rates Effective Jan/1/2020 Rates Are Subject to Change Without Notice   Rev: 01012020